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Armenian Forests NGO works on multiple fronts including implementing model local reforestation and protection projects, seeking support to reduce the demand for wood, advocating for improved national policy, conducting public education, and supporting a broad coalition effort to champion needed protection measures.
Forestry policy

  • Developing and implementing models of local reforestation and stewardship
  • Conducting public education and outreach through the news media and local organizations
  • Supporting a broad based effort towards reforestation, protection and stewardship of Armenia's natural resources
  • Attracting investments aimed at protection of Armenia's natural resources, including development alternative energy to reduce demand for wood fuel and creation of jobs in forested areas to increase economic independence
  • Supporting local and national policies and their enforcement in line with international covenants


  • Being the first NGO to undertake successful reforestation in Armenia
  • Establishing the first community forest of Armenia planting 125,000 trees on 100 hectares (247 acres) with local residents at Odzun village (Lori Marz) which achieved a remarkable first year survival rate of over 90 percent
  • Restoring 702 ha (1735 acres) of forests (1,150,350 trees) through planting (251,850 trees on 105 ha) and coppicing (regenerating 898,500 trees on 597 ha) as of end-2006
  • Being the lead NGO involved in development and adoption of the new national forest code signed into law fall 2005.
  • Ending the devastation of Armenia's pine forests used as New Year's trees via successful campaign in cooperation with other organizations, policy actions with government, and through extensive media coverage of the issue
  • Co-leading a campaign with other local and international organizations to successfully save Shikahogh Reserve the last unspoiled forest of Armenia in summer 2005.
  • Supervising the restoration of 1200 ha (2964 acres) of degraded forests in Tavoush and Lori Marzes
  • Advancing new and ongoing reforestation projects and nurseries in Kotayk, Sevan National Park, Aragatsotn, Lori, Syunik and Yerevan
  • Building support to curb illegal cutting and export of wood, as well as promotion of activities aimed at mass reforestation in Armenia via ongoing media coverage and lobbying
  • Developing a fruit garden to support job creation and income generation for further reforestation efforts
  • Engaging local communities and experts in the process of developing regulations for the national forest code
  • Training and support to local NGOs to engage youth in environmental protection
  • Spearheading coalition actions with other local and international organizations aimed at protecting and restoring Armenia's fragile environmen

  • Current actions

    • Organization of public hearings, stakeholder consultations supporting “Review and analysis of current forestry-related legislation, institutional and administrative structure” World Bank FLEG II project
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