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2002 News


Ayb-Fe 27 December 2002
The fir tree by itself
By Ruzan Amirjanyan

Armenian Forests NGO and Armenia Tree Project announced the competition of other kind of fir trees. It’s right they were short of time, it was the end of the semester that’s why not all the schools took part in the competition, but the results were very interesting. The imagination of children is really endless, they completely proved, that they could meet New Year without natural fir tree. The inform center of Nature Protection Ministry was slowly becoming exhibition hall. The pupils brought their “creations” –the fir trees made of different materials. What they hadn’t thought/the fir trees made of plastic bottles, papers, different colored balls of treads, balloons, even the fir tree decorated with little toys made of beads.
The third prize was given to the pupils from Mhcitar Sebastatsi school, the second was delivered to the pupils of Anania Shirakatsi school for the fir tree made of neon lights, and the first prize got the school named D.Demirchian, that presented thirty three fir trees. This school brought even a ‘natural’ tree. No, no, it was not cut fir tree or pine tree. The pupil Sahak Gregorian from the sixth form had decorated himself as a fir tree and has stood patiently for about three and half hours. By the way Sahak got not only the prize but he also expiated his “sins”; because of his bad behavior he was to leave the school. The director of the school Anahit Bahshian assured that Sahak would stay at school.
The Minister of Nature Protection Vardan Ayvazian also took part in the action; by the way the cutting of pine trees is banned in Armenia this year by his order. The Minister thanked NGOs and pupils for help, noticing that it was the first step and the work of protecting forests would be continued. “We live in this area and nature protection is to be the problem of everybody”, said the minister. Naturally the journalists were inquired what kind of tree Vardan Ayvazian was going to put for his children. It appeared he hadn’t bought a fir tree yet. But he assured that would buy either natural or imported from Georgia. He informed there were illegal cutting of pine trees. Sixty-eight trees were cut and criminal cases were sued, “it wasn’t easy to watch 338,000 hectare forest area”, he added.

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